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Hull & tank coating

BALTIC PREMATOR AS – was founded as a joint venture of the BLRT Grupp and the Swedish company PREMATOR AB in 1991 for carrying out all blasting and painting operations in the Tallinn Shipyard. Since 2008 it is 100% owned by BLRT Grupp

Company have acquired the most modern blasting and painting equipment in this field and can handle larger scale blasting jobs in time with highest quality.

We have comprehensive facilities and trained workers for open, enclosed and vacuum blasting, airless high-pressure spray painting, hydro-jetting up to 40,000 psi and internal tank blasting.


Baltic Premator performs most kinds of abrasive blasting – be it with quartz sand, copper slag, aluminium silica, garnet and steel grit.

All blasting is carried out according to requirements of the standard ISO 8501-1:1988 using dry, oil free air from the central compressor house which allows simultaneous work up to 20 blasting nozzles. Miscellaneous items are blasted and coated within the blasting and painting sheds, which are self-sufficient.

For internal surface treatment, company has supplementary compressors, vacuum suction equipment, dust collectors and dehumidifiers to ensure that relative humidity is kept within tolerances.

At Baltic Premator the blasting is always carried out by professional and specially trained staff. A 100% control of all works executed is a guarantee of the highest quality.

The yard on an average is capable to handle surface treatment up to 50,000 sq. m. per month


In addition to abrasive blasting Baltic Premator offers a range of cleaning types. Among other things it involves mechanical cleaning, manual cleaning, high-pressure cleaning (HP), hydro jetting (UHP). We have the latest and most efficient equipment with pressure up to 2800 bar. As a result, even the most difficult surfaces can be cleaned.

All our equipment is operated by trained employees, who are specialists within this field.


Baltic Premator also can perform thermal spraying (Al, Zn) or metallization. Often metallization is a component in a multi-layer paint system, when the demand for corrosion protection is particularly high or elements are exposed to damaging effects and heavy-handed treatment.

Baltic Premator can offer metallization at all our workshops and also from a mobile unit


Baltic Premator performs all kinds of marine and industrial coating and has extensive experience with a wide variety of high-tech coatings from high solids abrasion resistant paints applied by hot spray to silicone based antifouling paints.

Company has all of the appropriate coating equipment, including plural component equipment, and certified professionals necessary to accomplish high quality work.


Baltic Premator has a structured in-house quality assurance procedure and inspection program. Quality and Environmental Management Systems would meet to the requirements of Standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004

“If it’s impossible to measure it, it’s impossible to manage it” – this principle is used in the company for active quality management. Measurements, control of production and technological processes and monitoring of customer’s satisfaction are constantly executed using all possible sources of information:

  • project managers’ reports;
  • customer representative’s opinion;
  • customers’ claims and complaints, etc.
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